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Tape can be added to the core for any specification.

Taped Cores

Some industries want to make a way of identifying the cores or what they are putting on the cores using specific tapes, colors etc. We can add tape to the outside of the tube so your operators know what application needs to be done in your production process.

Custom Tube also has the capability to add part #'s or "batch" numbers onto your tubes so that for quality control purposes we will know how we ran a particular run for you (for example maybe tried a different paper or glue - as a test).

The part # or batch # can also be used to identify a particular tube/core in your production process.

There are so many ways to make or add steps that will enhance what you need to do with our product as well as it make it easier for you to identify what the tubes/cores will be used for.

That is what we do here at Custom Tube and we pride ourselves in customer service. We at times feel we do not just work for Custom Tube but we work for all of our customers to help with scheduling and planning in order to keep you up and running without any delays.

We pride ourselves in having a person answer the telephone and getting you your answers in a timely manner rather than talking to a computer or answering machine. If we are away from our desk, please leave a detailed message and we will return your call at our earliest convenience.

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