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A glimpse of what Custom Tube has to offer

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Logo and print being applied

Perforated tubes/cores

Custom Capabilities

This is what makes a custom tube "custom." We have so many options that will make your tube or core one of a kind.

  • Diameters from .375 inches to 24 inches
  • Lengths from .25 inches on up
  • Thickness from .026 inches to .600 inches
  • Custom Colors
  • Your Logo
  • Spec Cores
  • Polycoated
  • Paper Containers
  • Snap and Seal/Crimped Ends
  • Metal or Plastic Plugs
  • Tin seamed ends
  • Telescoping tubes
  • Waxed Cores (water resistant)
  • Perforated Tubes/Cores
  • Wrap Cores
  • Custom Print
  • On-site Stocking

Custom Tube has the ability with the help of our 'local' printer company to print cores per your specifications.  The print can be one color to as many colors you like for a price.

We can do our own in-house print on cores such as part numbers or words primarily in black.  Other colors are available per application if needed.

Custom Tube has the capability of producing perforated tubes depending on the ID/OD specs required. Please inquiry for your specific size and length.

Tape can be added to a core for whatever needs you may need.  Our cores can be manufactured to withstand specific weight/pressure per your specs or can be produced to 'crumble' and waste away like they never existed.

Color paper is another option we offer both inside and/or outside the tube/core.  Prices vary on color and type of paper needed for the application.

Custom Tube has the capability of making cans at 3" or 6" but not taller than 12" with tin seam ends. 


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