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Protect your product with any size tube, big or small

End caps/metal plugs can be ordered for your application


Custom Tube has the machinery to make 3" or 6" cans with tin seam ends at this time. If another size is needed, we can check on tooling and decide if it is economical to produce and make the cans that you need.

We are NOT food safe with this production of canning. Many companies purchase this type of product for testing of cement and other applications.

Another means of containers can be Tubes for Storage. Many companies use tubes/cores for storing of products, archives and parts to save on warehouse floor space.

Rugs are stored for various warehouse suppliers in heavy duty and protective tubes.

Storage of steel rods - tubes are quite effective and safe to store and keep out of reach of someone tripping on them. It saves on space and the outside of the tubes can be labeled and clearly marked.

We currently supply tubes for fishing poles and special products so that when in shipping, they are indestructible and get your product to where it needs to be and not broken.

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